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Making Effective School Visits


Well-planned school visits are an important and enjoyable part of the job as they demonstrate the Governing Board’s support for the school and enhance the relationship with staff and pupils as well as establishing important links with the core functions of the Governing Board.


In this course we will consider:

  • how to create an annual visit plan deploying a variety of links between school visits and GB responsibilities.
  • the links between school visits and the core functions of the Governing Board.
  • some models that make the most effective use of everyone’s time
  • some do’s and don’ts for school visits
  • an effective protocol for school visits
  • reporting systems that provide feedback as well as evidence of the work and impact of the GB
  • how to deal with any issues or difficulties that could arise in relation to a school visit.


By the end of the course participants :

  • will have considered how the Governing Board can make the most effective use of school visits to support its core responsibilities including relationships with the school community
  • will have considered the key elements of an effective school visit and subsequent report to the governing body
  • will have developed a framework for reviewing the Governing Board’s current protocol and practice on school visits

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This course is suitable for all governors, but especially those on the Finance/Resources Committee

27 Feb 2019 18:30 - 20:30

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Date and Time

27 Feb 2019 18:30 - 20:30


Training Room, 6th Floor, Brixton Recreation Centre 27 Brixton Station Road London SW9 8QQ Telephone no: 020 7095 5100


Pat Petch