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Governor Support and Training
Providing advice and practical support to governors, headteachers and clerks to governing boards
The Governor Services Team provides advice and practical support to governors, headteachers and clerks to governing boards of maintained schools and academies in Lambeth as well as to parents and others seeking information about school governance.
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London Governors' Newsletter - Autumn 2018 Half Term Update
02 Nov
The London Governors' Newsletter has been commissioned by London Coordinators of Governor Services (LCOGS) to provide our governors with a summary of recent national developments. The Autumn 2018 Half Term Update is now available to download and includes: Ofsted Updates Academy Updates Assessment Funding Updates News in Brief - careers guidance; safer recruitment practices; Female Genital Mutilation; Disqualification by Association; education at the political party conferences; NEU teacher workload survey; literacy and children's well being; school complaints procedures I hope you find it informative and useful.
Lambeth Schools Partnership Working Together Report - Autumn 2018
27 Sep
"Lambeth Schools Partnership Working Together" is the Director, Education, Learning and Skills' termly report to LSP school governors and headteachers, which is published three times a year, at the beginning of terms 1, 3 and 5. Its main purpose is to provide a clear and concise briefing for governors and headteachers on national and local issues and their duties and responsibilities. There are recommendations which governing bodies should consider at their meetings.
Autumn 2018 Model Governing Board Agenda
20 Sep
This is our model agenda for governing board meetings to be held during Autumn Terms 1 and/or 2 2018/19. The model agenda is designed to support the work of the governing board, but is intended only as a guide - please adapt the agenda to suit your own needs and priorities. Please remember that some items should appear on the agenda of every meeting – standard items - or are items that the governing board must consider during the autumn. Advice on each agenda item is in italics.